Tech Ltd – An Overview – Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

For over 40 years, our highly skilled engineers have provided electrical and mechanical servicing of industrial machinery (specialising in print and packaging machinery).

So what sets us apart from other electrical or electrical and mechanical engineering ( companies?

Tech Ltd provide three things to all of our clients:

  1. A 24/7 nationwide call out service.
  2. Highly skilled engineers who provide accurate, timely repairs, who care about their work and keeping our clients in production, and deliver accordingly.
  3. Comprehensive electrical and mechanical engineering services, which will cover you for any eventuality when it comes to ensuring your industrial machinery is running smoothly.

Our engineers are able to carry our repairs on a complete range of machinery including: Folders, Sewers, Gluers, Plattens, Binders, Stitchers, Presses, Pre-Melters, Guillotines, Shrink Wrappers, Pallet Wrappers, Pile Turners, Waste Compactors, 24 hours, 7 day a week.

The majority of our engineers can repair both electrical and mechanical problems. So if you originally call us about a mechanical problem, even if it turns out to be an electrical problem, our engineer would still be able to make the repair – saving you time and money.

Electrical Engineering – An Overview

Our team of expert electronic engineers specialise in the repair of print and packaging machinery. Many of our electrical engineers have worked exclusively for the print industry and therefore have an enormous amount of expertise and knowledge in this area, which means they are often able to carry out repairs even when technical drawings are not available.

We are also able to provide motor repairs, panel building, replacing and upgrading existing electrical panels, providing cabling and supply for machines, making up interface boxes for machines to work together as well as carrying out control unit and PCB repairs.

Mechanical Engineering – An Overview

Our mechanical engineers make sure your industrial machinery is running efficiently by carrying out a series of checks on motors and compressors to make sure they are operating smoothly, applying oil and grease to all moving parts, carrying out oil changes if required, checking chains and belts and cleaning and changing filters. Part of the check also includes a visual and cleanup of your electrical cabinets.

Regular maintenance is key to the efficient running of machinery and we offer service packages to suit your requirements. As part of this package, we would highlight any potential problem areas and the recommended repairs or replacement parts which could minimise future breakdowns.

Our comprehensive range of mechanical engineering solutions cover breakdown repairs, replacement parts, servicing, maintenance, refurbishment, technical advice and second hand machinery surveys, relocations, installations and  to a complete design and build of new machinery.

Workshop and Design Services – An Overview

Our workshop can deal with a wide range of electrical or mechanical repairs.
We are able to help when a machine doesn’t quite do what you want it to do, or you would like to add an enhancement to the machine. Our team of design engineers work together with you to find a solution that will meet your needs.

Many electrical components can become obsolete whilst the mechanical parts of the machine may still running smoothly. Rather than replace the whole machine we can offer re-engineering solutions e.g., we can update your existing equipment to accept currently available components.

We are fully insured, including public liability and personal indemnity cover for when our engineers on site. This insurance also extends to cover any parts that belong to the customers whilst they are in our workshops.

We hope the above article has given you a good overview of the comprehensive electrical and mechanical services we can offer. If you think we can be of help or would just like to discuss your requirements don’t hesitate to contact us on 01233 714919.