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Automating packaging and printing processes brings with it efficiency and an increase in production. However, it’s important to note that high-speed industrial production depends on accuracy in the way you monitor and control it.

One way to ensure accuracy is through the use of Batch Counters, which can be employed across a wide range of packaging and printing businesses and processes from counting products such as stationery, currency, greeting cards to paper, photo paper, file folders, sheets and forms etc. If designed and used correctly Batch Counters can play an integral role in just about all packaging and print finishing systems by precisely and accurately measuring and batching your finished products.

In very basic engineering terms, a typical Batch Counter consists of a detector (a sensor) which generates a clock pulse when the beam of infrared light is broken. The counter is incremented every time it receives the clock pulse. A digital comparator compares the output of the counter with a preset batch count. When the two counts match, a “batch” is separated in some way and the counter resets and the process begins again.

From simple production counting through to more complex information collection information including batch, count, total count, speed and dwell time (length of time kicker is powered), including a high speed option that’s very popular with label counting Batch Counter’s can be very effective.

As an example, you can watch a label counter in action here:

Batch Counter Old or New

Tech Ltd engineers are experts in designing Batch Counters to suit all production needs. We can also modify Batch Counters to suit the setup and connections of your current equipment or alternatively we can replicate an old Batch Counter.

In addition we can also add a serial port to allow information from the Counter to be sent to a computer elsewhere allowing you to record and monitor the process from a distance rather than having to stand over the equipment. Counter display sizes can be varied and where required, larger counters can be built so that they can be seen across a factory floor. We are able to specify and provide a range of relevant sensors from a standard sensor to a highly sensitive option that will allow you to detect colours or clear plastic.

Our experience also enables us to design and manufacture high performance kickers for large carton folder/gluers to light paper kickers for use on folding machines, to suit your product whether it is lightweight or a heavy duty. A kicker enables a product to be ‘kicked’ aside or it can be nudged/small kicked to highlight to the equipment operator when to collect a batch.

A major advantage is that our Batch Counters are simple and easy to use and install.

If you think we can be of help with regards to Batch Counters or any of our other products or services please contact us or would just like to discuss your requirements don’t hesitate to contact us on 01233 714919.