Customised Design Solutions

Here at Tech Ltd, as well as offering mechanical and electrical repairs, we also offer a customised design service.

From detailed and intricate electronic solutions to basic mechanical designs – print detectors, production control systems, and bespoke safety guardings – to name but a few, we like to feel our customers can approach us with an idea that we can turn into reality.

A customer recently came to us asking if we could help them with one of their bottle-filling machines. What they wanted was to be able to move it about and around the factory floor, and attach it to various machines. Once bottling was finished, or when the machine was no longer needed, they wanted to store it away, easily and safely, saving valuable and much-needed space on the production floor.

What we came up with was a simple, effective and cost-efficient mobile platform.


The machine is set within a steelĀ frame on locking wheels, which ensures the machine is held securely in position whilst in production.

This idea and design can be adapted easily to suit a wide variety of small light-weight processing machines, so the next time you’re on the factory floor, take a look around – could you benefit from something to help save space?

Contact us now if you have something we can adapt or customise for your needs

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