Kent-based manufacturer benefits from TECH’s know-how

Tech was recently approached by a Kent-based paper bagging machine manufacturer. The customer had a machine with an old DC drive and motor and a relay-based control logic. The machine was becoming increasingly unreliable and, as a result, costing more money to repair and maintain.

With increasing frustration at the downtime and cost, the customer came to Tech for a solution.

We recommended replacing their existing DC drive and motor for a high-efficiency AC drive and motor. This would be virtually maintenance free and, by using less energy, the customer’s overall power costs would be reduced.

The original system was comprised of two panels: one for the controls and the other for ink. We removed all the old wiring and components, then added an AC drive and incorporated both panels into one. We replaced the existing panel with a PLC, touchscreen, and push button controls. The PLC was then programmed to control the machine and ink in exactly the same way as the existing panel, but with the added features of monitoring speed control and counting product.

Tech Ltd Installation

The benefits of this new system are that it is more efficient, more reliable and easier to remotely access. Without leaving the office, a manager can clearly see the speed and count of the machine.

The beauty of this kind of production-monitoring system is how easy it is to adapt: extra features can be added, simply and cost-effectively, as the company changes and grows.

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