Newsletter: Are your outdated control panels holding your company back?

Could replacing them be the answer?

With technology changing at an ever faster rate, many electrical components are already obsolete while the machine itself is still running smoothly. Replacing components and control systems can be costly and time-consuming; but not replacing them can be the death knell for your company’s growth.

At TECH we offer a bespoke re-engineering solution: our highly skilled engineers can design and manufacture control systems and panels to your exact specification, replacing your outdated components with AC or DC drives and/or PLCs and touch screens. Efficient, reliable and adaptable to change, PLC control panels have the edge over conventional relay-based systems.


  • Small operator control stations, umbilical remote control systems, and junction boxes can be renewed and modified to suit your needs
  • New equipment can be redesigned to replace obsolete units with matching mountings, connections and board sizes
  • Existing equipment can be updated to accept the currently available components

In all cases, downtime is kept to a minimum.

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TECH provides up-to-date schematics for all our modifications.
All TECH engineers are fully insured.