Time to start thinking about summer!

Holiday time is fast approaching…

Does your production involve tight deadlines?
Do you run a 24-hour operation?
Are your engineers taking holiday over the summer period?


So what happens if a machine breaks down?

This is where TECH can help. We offer a tailored approach to keeping you in production: our multi-skilled and fully insured engineers can step in to cover those busy periods, shift days and nights, while your own engineer is away… providing you with the reassurance that your production continues to run smoothly, efficiently and cost effectively.

And whilst your machines may have some idle time, our engineers won’t! They’ll be busy carrying out routine maintenance cleaning and checks on your machines. With a mechanical and an engineering skill-set, TECH engineers can carry out a variety of repairs, leaving you and your engineers free to relax and enjoy your break.

Avoid the last-minute holiday panic and contact us now for a quote!