Newsletter: Don’t replace: Refurbish!

Why buy new when you can simply improve? Sometimes it isn’t always possible to invest in the latest equipment to replace your tired older machinery. Tech Ltd can take your old machine into our new workshop and refurbish mechanically and electrically to a desired condition and budget. This has many benefits for the longevity and … Continue reading

Safety Light Curtains

In this article we will be looking at safety light curtains also called light guards, safety light guards, and safety light barriers and how their installation by our experienced electronic and mechanical engineers can help protect your workers. Workplace Accidents Before the invention of safety light curtains and other safety features workplace accidents were common … Continue reading

Pallet Wrapping Machine Repair

Tech Ltd are able to carry out repairs on a range of machinery including Folders, Sewers, Gluers, Plattens, Binders, Stitchers, Presses, Pre-Melters, Guillotines, Shrink Wrappers, Pallet Wrappers, Pile Turners, Waste Compactors. In this article we will be looking at the servicing and repair of Pallet Wrapping machines. Pallet wrapping machines are used to swathe loads … Continue reading

Improving Your Print and Packaging Machinery

If you are keen to grow your company next year, but need to keep a tight control of costs, enhancing your current print and packaging machinery rather than buying new can help you achieve your 2015 business goals. Of course, investing in new print and packaging machinery – to help you increase your output might … Continue reading

The Importance of Mailing Machinery Servicing

Printing and mailing companies should check and test their key equipment thoroughly to be sure that essential machinery won’t let them down over the coming months. Now Is The Time To Carry Out Checks Now is the time to think about preventative maintenance to identify any possible imminent failures. For many printing and mailing companies … Continue reading

Guarding and Safety Control Systems

When it comes to your machinery it’s important to think about your guarding and safety control systems. A combination of guarding failures and machinery moving parts can result in many different types of injuries. As an example parts of the body can be drawn in or trapped between belts, rollers and pulley drives. Sharp edges … Continue reading

Manufacturing and Engineering Expo 2014

The Manufacturing and Engineering Expo is the place to go if you want to learn about new technologies, techniques and hear the latest industry updates. It’s proven to be an inspirational business-to-business show designed to support and showcase everything that is great about the engineering and manufacturing sector. This year’s event is being held at … Continue reading

Batch Counters – Count On Tech Ltd

Automating packaging and printing processes brings with it efficiency and an increase in production. However, it’s important to note that high-speed industrial production depends on accuracy in the way you monitor and control it. One way to ensure accuracy is through the use of Batch Counters, which can be employed across a wide range of … Continue reading