Improving Your Print and Packaging Machinery

If you are keen to grow your company next year, but need to keep a tight control of costs, enhancing your current print and packaging machinery rather than buying new can help you achieve your 2015 business goals.

Of course, investing in new print and packaging machinery – to help you increase your output might be tempting, and the thought of replacing old equipment with new models might be appealing, but is this your only option?

Thanks to Tech Ltd, the answer to that question is a resounding: No.

Enhancement vs new or second hand machinery

With the price of new equipment being astronomical these days, the reality for most businesses looking to upgrade their equipment is that purchasing used machinery seems the only feasible option. But even that can be avoided by having existing machinery adapted.

Improving your current machinery will give you more control over achieving specific tasks. New components can be tried and tested and fine-tuned until you are completely happy that your machine will do exactly what’s required and not let you down when those bigger orders come in.

Improving equipment, mechanically and/or electronically

At Tech Ltd, as well as providing electrical and mechanical servicing of industrial equipment, our experienced engineers are skilled in designing, building and installing additional components for all types of print and packaging machines.

Often, business owners looking to expand their company, through increasing their output, will need machinery enhancement that involves the expertise of both an electronics company, as well as another service provider specialising in the mechanical side. But the projected cost of involving two separate firms can put many people off.

By turning to Tech Ltd for machinery alterations, electronic and mechanical design requirements can both be met by our dedicated team.

The benefits of equipment overhaul are MASSIVE:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Increased output
  • The hassle of researching and sourcing new or used machinery gone
  • Worries about machine reliability (due to age) allayed, allowing you to take on jobs with confidence, knowing you can deliver the goods to the highest standards and without delays
  • Money saved

What’s more:

  • Any other potential electronic or mechanical problems (hidden faults ‘waiting to happen’) can be identified through an initial assessment, prior to enhancement
  • If old electronic parts need replacing but have now become obsolete, the machinery can be updated to be compatible with the very latest available industry parts, and
  • The work can be carried out at your premises, minimising disruption to your business operations and allowing you to have input at different stages of the process, to ensure that all your particular requirements are met in full.

All this makes choosing enhancement and refurbishment a smart option. It allows you to grow, without first needing to recoup huge outlay on new machinery.

Call us on 01233 714919 about your machine enquiries. We are always happy to help.