The Importance of Mailing Machinery Servicing

Printing and mailing companies should check and test their key equipment thoroughly to be sure that essential machinery won’t let them down over the coming months.

Now Is The Time To Carry Out Checks

Now is the time to think about preventative maintenance to identify any possible imminent failures.

For many printing and mailing companies production can slow down over the Christmas period making this the perfect time to treat your machines to a service. Machinery servicing can range from a small basic service to a full comprehensive service.

By carrying out maintenance now you can minimise the likelihood of breakdowns occurring on the start-up after the New Year and as production begins to increase thereby forestalling a major operations disaster throughout the year ahead.

It makes perfect sense for mailing companies and printers to perform detailed checks as soon as possible, particularly on any equipment that was bought as used machinery i.e. where there is no warranty in place to provide peace of mind.

Types of Faults

Printing and mailing equipment can suddenly develop faults. Just when you need everything to be working efficiently problems often occur:

•    Poor throughput due to timing and settings being out.
•    Worn parts causing feeding problems.
•    Paper jams in the inserter sheet feeder.

to name but a few . . .

Holiday Cover

Are your engineers taking holiday over the Christmas period? If so have you considered having an engineer permanently on site to cover your absent engineer’s shift pattern?

Tech Ltd Can Help

BenTech Ltd team member – engineer Ben Cheyne  has extensive experience within the print and mail industry which means that problems with new and second-hand swing-arm type inserting machines (Bell & Howell, Mailcrafters, and Kalmar models), with Poly-Wrapping machines (Lara, Norpak, Sitma and CMC), and various types of streamfeeders and surefeeders can all be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Ben’s understanding of the mechanical settings and timings of print and mailing industry machinery is impressive.

His ability to carry out mechanical and electrical fault finding Repairs, Servicing, Refurbishments and Modifications to all the aforementioned equipment could ensure that your equipment is in tip top condition.

By employing Tech Ltd you can relax and enjoy the Christmas period knowing that your machines are in the best hands.

You can talk to us now on 01233 714919 about your machine enquiries. We are always happy to help.