Pallet Wrapping Machine Repair

Tech Ltd are able to carry out repairs on a range of machinery including Folders, Sewers, Gluers, Plattens, Binders, Stitchers, Presses, Pre-Melters, Guillotines, Shrink Wrappers, Pallet Wrappers, Pile Turners, Waste Compactors. In this article we will be looking at the servicing and repair of Pallet Wrapping machines.

Pallet wrapping machines are used to swathe loads on pallets with low density plastic film, ready for transportation – they help keep boxes and cartons tightly bound together, and secure on the actual pallet base. For businesses concerned about possible problems, such as: pallet content tampering and the safety of stacking and loading operatives, pallet wrapping provides the ideal solution.

Whether you opt for a manual or automated model or if you buy a second-hand machine which may not be under warranty, repair costs will have to be covered. As with all types of machinery things can sometimes go wrong….

Planned Electrical and Mechanical Servicing and Repair

If your Pallet Wrapping machine breaks down your business could be in trouble. Not being able to have a pallet wrapper repair carried out in a timely fashion, carries quite a risk. As mentioned above pallet wrapping is important for the security of your product in transit, not to mention the pallet preparation and loading backlog created when a pallet wrapper ceases to work properly resulting in your transportation process coming to a temporary halt and a mounting backlog occurring, unless repairs can be carried out quickly.

Short-term delays, or complete suspension of operations until faults are identified and fixed, always cost money.

Scheduling regular pallet wrapping machine servicing through a planned maintenance program, and having a pallet wrapping machine repair team on standby 24/7 should your machinery break down, makes perfect sense, could save you money and provide you with peace of mind! Service contracts can be much cheaper in the long run than waiting for equipment to break down and then incur costly repairs.

It’s a wrap!

The good news is that Tech Ltd can provide Pallet Wrapping machine mechanical and electrical repair and servicing at very competitive rates. Where mechanical or electronic faults are identified, the work can be carried out on site, or at our workshop, by our versatile and vastly experienced engineers.

All this means that if your Pallet Wrapping machine won’t run consistently, the column up and down mechanism has inexplicably slowed, or the turntable simply refuses to sit level, there is always a number you can call.

Our friendly engineers won’t shrink from the challenge, and their skills really will stretch to both mechanical and electronic repairs!

We also provide machine safety surveys FREE OF CHARGE and re-engineering/refurbishment programs so why not give us a call to arrange for one of our engineers to pay you a visit?

Call us on 01233 714919 about your machine enquiries. We are always happy to help.