Safety Light Curtains

In this article we will be looking at safety light curtains also called light guards, safety light guards, and safety light barriers and how their installation by our experienced electronic and mechanical engineers can help protect your workers.

Workplace Accidents

Before the invention of safety light curtains and other safety features workplace accidents were common place. In an emergency, by the time a machine was switched off, the damage would already have been done.

In the workplace, poorly guarded moving machinery can cause serious injury to operatives, and sometimes even death. If equipment is not properly shielded and cannot be stopped immediately (should the need suddenly arise), even the most experienced and careful machine operator can still get badly hurt.

The good news is that, these days, a varied range of modern safety features can be added to industrial equipment to ensure workers’ fingers, arms and sometimes even their entire bodies are properly protected. One such option is safety light curtain installation. Safety light curtains are now being utilised by many companies both large and small.

Safety Light Guards Automatically Stop Machinery

Light curtain activation can sometimes look like a magic trick! When, with their whole hand or even just their fingertips, an operator breaks an opto-electronic light beam that surrounds a machine’s hazardous area, it automatically stops. Any materials that the machine ejects will also cause it to shut down as they pass through the light curtain’s sensing field.

Light curtains’ popularity can perhaps be explained by the enhanced operability that they allow. Because a machine user’s view or their physical access to the machine or material they are working with is not restricted by a mechanical barrier or another type of equipment guard, they can work more accurately and efficiently. Of course, there is still some element of danger when entering a machine’s hazardous area, but the removal of a physical obstacle blocking access or a line of vision still makes for much safer operation overall.

Which Safety Light Barrier Is Best?

If you run a business where worker safety needs to be improved by installing modern guarding and safety control systems that still permit fast and fluid working – researching and then sourcing the right safety light system can take time and effort. That’s why it is wise to turn to Tech Ltd, experienced electronic and mechanical engineers who are familiar with the current products on the market. We will also know which light curtain is most suitable to meet your particular needs.

With that achieved, all that’s left to do is to expertly install the safety light curtain system(s) on your machinery here at our electrical or mechanical repairs workshop, or if it is more convenient, our friendly engineers can visit you on site.

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