Summer Is Here – Electrical Engineering Holiday Cover!

It’s that time of year again when many people traditionally take holidays, especially if they have children of school age. You may also find that many of your staff want holiday at the same time. Or if you are a small business, you may only have one engineer . . .

If you are a company, which relies heavily on key engineering staff, being available 24/7, having someone away for any length of time can create a problem. Staff holidays (or sick leave etc) can prove to be a major headache and may result in issues when you have to keep to tight deadlines. Clearly, you can’t afford to have equipment downtime due to faults or failures because your engineering staff are away and there is no–one who can step in to resolve problem, carry out repairs and get your machinery back up and running.

Managing holidays can be “a real issue” for businesses. However, with the right planning you can prevent your business coming to a standstill and still allow staff to take a break.

Electrical Engineering Holiday Cover

A holiday (or sickness) leave cover service, which can provide you with efficient and effective electrical and mechanical engineering will keep your business ticking over during short-term absence caused through holiday or illness.

We can help. Over the next few months Tech Ltd are offering special rates to cover day or night shifts to help our customers through the Summer holiday period. The simplest solution is for us to provide you with an engineer who works permanently on your site to cover your absent engineer’s shift pattern.

Whilst on shift and in between breakdowns, our engineers don’t rest on their laurels, they take the opportunity to clean and carry out routine maintenance on your machinery which will help you prevent your machines from breaking down in the long term.

Many of our engineers are multi-skilled so they are very well equipped to carry out a variety of repairs and keep your machines running to meet those all important deadlines.

Once your engineer returns we can prepare a handover pack to bring them up to date with everything that has gone on during their absence so your engineer can quickly and easily step straight back into maintaining, servicing and repairing your equipment with no stressful down (catching up) time. After all, you want your staff at peak efficiency when they return from holiday. They should come back feeling relaxed, reinvigorated and ready to deal with their jobs again, not stressed about what’s waiting for them on their return!

Call us now (contact details below) for an engineering cover quote and enable your business to breeze through the summer!

Don’t forget we can provide cover for other holiday periods too as well as refurbishing and redesigning engineering services and advice on purchasing second hand machinery.

Manufacturing and Engineering Expo 2014

Come and see us at Expo at the Detling Showground in Kent on the 8th October where will be demonstrating some of our latest designs and our engineers will be available to discuss any ideas you may have or talk to you about the refurbishment or redesign of your existing equipment.

Alternatively, you can talk to us now on 01233 714919 about your machine enquiries. We are always happy to help.