If you have an idea of the type of product that you require, our workshop engineers are able to source parts from our vast array of suppliers and offer advice. If a product is not commercially available then we then we could look into adapting or designing a product to suit your requirements.

For the most common systems that customers ask for, we have designed our own off the shelf products to react quickly to our customers requests.


IMG_9769compBatch Counters with high performance kickers for large carton folder/gluers to light paper kickers for use on folding machines. All counters are supplied with user friendly photo sensors and are easy to install.


Options for these counters are Total Count, Batch Total, Serial Comms and very high speed versions for use with Label counting. The big advantage with our counters is that they are simple and easy to use.


Print Detectors

Print_detectorPrint detectors that can detect very small print of ANY colour on both sides of a carton, leaflet or labels. They are designed to be fitted to any make of folding machine or folder/gluer, and used where it is vital that the print exists on the final product i.e. Pharmaceuticals, Warnings etc. These detectors will detect missing print at production speeds in excess of 40,000 ph.

Print Register Control

Tech_LtdA new version of our popular Print Register Control system has been developed to operate faster, and be easier to use. It can detect and adjust for correct register from the time printing takes place even during speed changes where most waste takes place.

Bespoke Production Displays

displayLarge or small customised displays that can show any combination of:

  • Production Speed
  • Production Total
  • Shift Total
  • Last Shift Total
  • Time
  • Date

The largest display has 100mm high digits and the smallest has 20mm digits.

These displays can be customised to show any information you require for example temperature, indication of the status of each machine, messaging information board  etc.

Label / Attachment Detector

WP_000164-cut-outThis unit detects whether a sheet has received the intended attachment.
The attachment can be a folded or single sheet item, glued to the sheet or simply laid on top.

Intelligence is built in to ensure that the attachment is of at least a minimum size, is not over the edge of the sheet, and a rough sheet edge won’t give a false positive.