Our Electrical Engineers

We employ a team of highly skilled electrical engineers who can repair a vast array of machines, often without drawings. All our engineers come from fast moving production backgrounds so they will understand the specific needs of your business  We do not use subcontractors so we can guarantee that our customers receive a quality service.  

Our customers often comment on how refreshing it is to find engineers who can repair rather than replace. Whichever is most cost effective.

Getting you back up and running

We know that keeping your machine in production is key, so we endeavour to offer a fast and efficient repair service. Our aim is to have you back into production as quickly as we can and where possible provide you with a temporary repair.

Electrical engineers qualified for the job

All our engineers have undertaken apprenticeships and have many years of service within industry.

Majority of our engineers are multi-skilled but trained in electrical. This means they are more versatile when repairing your machines; If the repair turns out to be more mechanical than electrical, often our engineer can continue with the repair without the need to call a mechanical technician. This saves time and money.